Saturday, July 25, 2009

What can I use to keep fake vamp teeth in?

I have a pair of those fake vampire teeth, the kind that you only stick on your canine teeth, and they are from last year and I'm out of the putty that you use to keep them in. I already looked at every store that would possibly have more putty or teeth thats like within 10 miles of my house. Does anyone know any household substances that could keep the teeth in firmly?

What can I use to keep fake vamp teeth in?
Use denture adhesive. Carry the tube with you because you may need to re-adhere them.
Reply:What about that denture cream people with false teeth use? That should work?

I have natural vamp fangs!
Reply:chewing gum?

you might be able to find a recipe for putty online using household items that could work.
Reply:I work at a Halloween store, and one of our customers said he used denture cream like what people use to keep their dentures in. He said it worked well to keep vampire teeth on.
Reply:super glue or false teeth adhesive like dentafit pr small bits of bubble/chewing gum
Reply:Does anyone in your home use poli dent or something like that?Otherwise,good luck.
Reply:I know this might seem gross, how about some chewing gum?It's worth a try. Especially if you can find the cheap kind that loses flavor fast and sticks to your teeth after chewing it for a bit.
Reply:Retainer case
Reply:Gorilla glue
Reply:fixodent is really good,or poly grip,it works a wonder

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