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Do I need braces, caps or plates?

My mum and dad have perfect teeth and then I had fine teeth until 6 when I fell from these school monkey bars 3 metres high and I was probably 1 metre at the time and landed head first onto the side of this platform thingy though it was partially made of rubber. I have really strong healthy teeth so I was lucky that only my 2 front teeth came out however all my gum was smashed and blood was everywhere and my mouth has outshaped since then. Its not freakish looking but iyd noy pleasant to look at. Theres no pains or anything however I do bite my toungue a lot by accident and I have a vampire tooth and a tooth thats been stuck for several years now. Im 16 so ten years has pasted since they were smashed and I was either planning on getting braces although dentists tell me my teeth dont need them or I will get my teeth all capped when Im 18 or 21 (hopefully 18 though). What do you guys think I should get?

Do I need braces, caps or plates?
Personally I think your teeth are pretty ok. But if you really don't like the shape of your teeth I would suggest getting braces since you have a big under-bite, which is the reason you bite your tongue a lot. I don't think getting veneers is the best way to go. Hope i helped =D
Reply:If you are getting any of those, the dentist or an orthodontist can give you the right fix for your case. They can tell which of the three will be more effective in correcting your teeth. Base on the photo I think they will give you braces. ♥☺♥ Good luck!
Reply:Yes you should get braces, invisilign (they are almost invisible), I think it is called. You should also get them capped, and other than that they look very clean and white. Can you possibly get some of this work done on your parents insurance before you turn 18? Then get the rest done at a later date. That's half the battle. Your whole smile will have done a 160 % degree turnaround.

You'll be the next model on the Great Smile commercial, keep up the good work.
Reply:braces, earlier the better


Whenever i smile for a picture it looks ugly!! my eyes r so small and my smile is horrid help!!?

my eyes r like squinted and my smile is terrifying to look at!! i didnt get braces yet and my teeth are soo ugly i have like the hugest 2 front teeth ever its like buck teeth. when i was little it was hard for me to pull out my teeth becuz they were so long so i had to go to the dentist and my adult teeth now r so bigg and 2 of my teeth look like vampire teeth and recently we got portraits done and i look so ugly. what should i do? should i get braces soon? will it help?

Whenever i smile for a picture it looks ugly!! my eyes r so small and my smile is horrid help!!?
Braces should help, but almost nobody likes their own picture so get some input from others before you commit to the cost of braces.

Another tip: Don't try to "Smile for the picture". Think of something that you find funny so that your smile is more natural. The trick is to keep that amusing though while the camera person takes forever to set up the picture.

For your eyes, think about making them sparkle and focus just above the camera so you're not squinting. The trick is to do this without blinking (which is a feat I have yet to master).

Good Luck!
Reply:try dif poses in front of a camera n c what one u like best
Reply:Yah,you should get braces,they even have invisible braces that you can wear,just ask you dentists.
Reply:smile with your mouth closed and make a conscious effort to widen your eyes. you may have to practice in the mirror!
Reply:Get braces soon! And for the time being, yes, smiling with your mouth closed would be better. If you think that your eyes are too squinty, that means you're smiling too hard. So from now on, in pictures, smile a subtle smile, instead of a big one. I'm sure you will look better after you get braces.
Reply:don't smile :D
Reply:wear eyeliner correctly then your eyes won't be as small.. wear makeup!! and yes get braces! they may be quite expensive though... =]
Reply:yes it would help if you if you fixed your teeth with braces, i mean braces WILL help to some degree but they won't completley fix it... and it's better if you smile with your mouth closed, personally i think a HUGE smile looks ugly when you reach a certain age... a small secretive smile would be good....
Reply:If you go to an orthodonist and he suggests braces, then by all means, get braces. I used to have horrible buck teeth. I mean it was bad. I wore braces for two years almost and I recently got them off. Now, I get compliments on how nice and straight my teeth are. Sometimes though when people smile with their mouth closed, they look worse.
Reply:same as me just do a small smile with your mouth closed
Reply:Just relax, don't think about the actual picture but the fun you are having when taking it. Yes, I would suggest braces if you truly think you need them. They do wonders for your teeth

(I have them). Your orthodontist/dentist can file down your "vampire teeth" if you think they are bad. I'm sure you look fine though! Almost everyone thinks they look bad in pictures.
Reply:if you want braces you should talk to your parents about it because they will probably help you with your self esteem and appearance, but keep in mind that braces are very expensive and you may not be able to get them on right away.

practice in front of the mirror or with a camera and ty to find a way to smile so you can keep your eyes open.

if you dont want to smile with your mouth open, thats fine. but dont oversmile with your mouth closed, or you will look goofy.

keep your eyes wide and bright and smile like you're happy!

hope this helps and good luck with your picture!
Reply:Girl maybe you just look like Spongebob Squarepants . Sike as your avatar I don't see it but don't listen to what other people say .
Reply:I had horrible teeth for a long time, then I got braces put on. They are still pretty bad, but much better than they were. I compromised with them and smiled with my mouth closed for pictyres, but I still laughed with my mouth open. Braces are worth every penny, and there's nothing that helps lift a smile more than straightened teeth do. Email me if you want to see a picture of what I mean.
Reply:Unfortunately, I don't think braces would help with "shrinking" big teeth. Braces are used to make teeth straighter or to fix overbites or underbites. But I'd talk with your dentist/orthodontist about it. As far as this picture goes, I suggest not using every single muscle in your face! :) Try relaxing your cheeks and/or mouth more, and try to think of something you and your friends did together that makes you smile. Good luck!
Reply:if you can afford it get braces, since ur young (if your young) getting braces now is better than laater. If you get it while ur young u wont have to wear it a "looong" time. And practice smiling in front of a mirror. Wear eyeliner so your eyes wont look small. (eyeliner can enhance your eyes to make them look pretty, but u have to put eyeliner on in the right way) put some lip gloss on and some other make-up so that people wont notice ur smile first. Or just put lip gloss on and smile with ur mouth closed

hope this helps

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Reply:yes you should see an orthodontist. I have a ver similar problem with my eyes. when I smile i get this wrinkle under my eyes so when I smile I only show my top teeth. I also wear eyeliner to make my eyes pop. Good luck!
Reply:Lumenaires, which are bonded over your existing teeth might help. Expensive but look into it.


My dentist accidentally hurt my nerve while he was going to fill in my cavities: What can i do?

My dentist accidentally hit a nerve while adding a needle to numb the pain today and i lost 3 front teeth the 2 buck teeth and the eye teeth.

I know he made a mistake and i have forgiven him and all but now i dont have my 3 front teeth i lost 2 on the top and my eye teeth the teeth that looks like a vampire teeth.

Anyways i have forgiven him for the mistake but now i have to focus on getting dentures because when i look at the mirror i felted like my whole world just changed.

I know it dumb to ask but should i continue seeing the same dentist or go to another dentist?

Hes a really good person and hes been my dentist since i was a child should i continues seeing him or not?

I dont know how can hitting a nerve can actually lose my 3 teeth but that was my dentist said.

My dentist accidentally hurt my nerve while he was going to fill in my cavities: What can i do?
If you just lost three teeth when you went to get fillings... then you need to return to him and get a very clear understanding of what happened. He "hit a nerve" doesn't sound like you understood what happened (nor does it sound clinically feasible) and in order for you to decide whether or not you want to continue being treated by him, you need to understand.

If he cannot explain to you in clear terms that you can understand and feel comfortable with, then request copies of your pre-treatment and post-treatment x-rays. Take those to another dentist for a second opinion. Or if you don't feel comfortable asking yourself, schedule an appointment with another dentist and have them request the x-rays for you.

At any rate, if your dentist has attributed the loss of these three teeth to his error, then a denture is not an acceptable compensation. Implants are an option but depend whether or not you are a suitable candidate for them (they have special requirements if they are to work), or he can place a porcelain bridge. I would insist on one of the these two, not a denture.
Reply:Same thing happened to me... I don't see him anymore. It's really your choise to switch or not.
Reply:Actually if a dentist hits a nerve when doing a filling he can save it but it would have to get a root canal or possibly an apicoectomy. You would probably have had to go to an endodontist. For him to do this to 3 teeth is not acceptable and hard to believe. Each tooth has its own individual nerve. He would have had to hit each one. It makes me wonder what he really did.

If your dentist made a mistake then he should be paying for you to have dental implants. You could sue him for such a thing. I wouldn't sue but you could.

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1) Is it normal to get your wisdom teeth at 13 and a half y.o?My grandma says its not and my mom.But they said I am, 2)Are my wisdom teeth going 2 be crooked.My jaw was crooked by my biological fathers genes,so they had to put me in brackets.And when I was little my teeth never fell out.I had 2 go 2 the dentist to get every single tooth pulled out and they had to split my gum open to get my canine teeth out.3)Why are my canine teeth very sharp and pointy,my friends say they look like vampire teeth.4)Are my wisdom teeth falling out, my whole jaw is very soar incling the back area of my molar.I have 0 cavities.Im scared.

I agree with the Dr.'s answers. I also will add if you are not keeping the gum area behind your last molar clean enough, it will hurt just like a tooth ache. The dental name for this is Pericornitis. Make sure to floss in a "c" shape behind all your last molars. Take the floss down deep and work the floss up and down several times. If it bleeds, keep doing it for several more days and eventually the bleeding and soreness will go away. Rinse with warm salt water or peroxide for a few days. Main thing is to keep it clean.
Reply:go to a dentist. get this checked out by professionals
Reply:Sweetie i would get in to see your dentist as soon as possible and he will probably be able to explain it better. Good luck!
Reply:First of all, it's not very normal to get your wisdom teeth out at 13. You should definately get your wisdom teeth out, because they will grow the wrong way and start hurting, just because you'll getting cavities, and it's really hard to brush and floss all the way back there. Ok, for the canine teeh, it's a good this he had to split the gum open, other it would have never came, and it would have rotted. You canines are naturalely sharp, as you said heriditary. They could look sharp because they are rotated a little, when you look in the mirror. This looks like you have a naturally big bones structure of you maxilla bone, which means its healthy. (Keep drinking your milk!!) As of now the pain is causing because the wisdom teeth are trying to get out of your gums. You should consult your dentist, and have them pulled. Nothing to be afraid of. Trust me, I'm a dental assistant, and I've seen this everyday. Good luck!!!
Reply:As a dentist, I have to say:

1. Neither normal nor's just you. At 13 1/2 you can dream up enough to worry about without thinking about that!

2. Most wisdom teeth come in crooked; we are evolving towards smaller mouths and we just don't have room in our present day mouth for these guys. Only your dentist, with x-rays, can tell if they will need to be removed but probably 90% need to come out sooner or later.

3. We are omnivores and that means we have cuspids to tear meat. If your girlie friends are picking on you it's probably just because that's what 13 year olds do.....pick on each other. Teen years are NO picnic! If these teeth bother you then talk with your dentist about cutting off the tips. It won't hurt them, but don't do it just because of those girlfriends.

4. You are experiencing teething and that's painful..That's why babies cry so much.

Hey, be scared that you're 13 1/2 but not because of the above....hope this helps.

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i don't get it
Reply:What?? that doesnt make any sense...

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Most vampires in the movies have fangs, can you name some who didn't wear the fangs or show pointy teeth?

The vampires in The Hunger stabbed their victims with a little dagger in a necklace amulet.

Most vampires in the movies have fangs, can you name some who didn't wear the fangs or show pointy teeth?
hillary clinton.
Reply:elvira lol i dont know if she is supposed to be a vampire but she does have that "vampire mistress" look lol
Reply:in the movie dracula 2000 the people could change from having pointy teeth to normal teeth and eyes. so that they could fit in.
Reply:Count Chocula
Reply:Lance Henriksen, Bill Paxton: Near Dark
Reply:this May not count coz its not a movie yet, but the vampires in twilight by Stephenie Meyer do not have fangs/pointy teeth. in a competition, she chucked out anyone wearing fangs


My friend's tooth is growing in a strange way.Is she becoming a vampire?

Sure. . . why not.

My friend's tooth is growing in a strange way.Is she becoming a vampire?
Oh, sure. Take her to a dentist or orthodontist!
Reply:Snatch the fućker out with pliers.

Nah, seriously - she may want to go see a dentist.I have a buddy whose incisor grew at the top of his gums.
Reply:Vampires are not real. Tell her to go see a dentist.
Reply:Dont think foolish dude. There is nothing like a vampire or becoming one. Its all rubbish superstitions. Forget it and consult a dentist.
Reply:Does she ride a motorcycle? She might be a Vampire Biker Babe. In which case, be careful. Very careful.

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